Restaurant Medvedí brloh Strachan

"All bears and cubs now have a new place to meet and munch..."

Medvedí brloh Strachan

You can find this stylish restaurant in the picturesque village of Ždiar in the ski center Ski Centrum Strachan under the ridge of the Belianske Tatras. You can choose from a wide range of dishes here. We offer local specialties such as halušky and pirogi, as well as homemade burgers and pizza. All the "little cubs" will enjoy our delicious pancakes. Part of the all-wooden restaurant is a terrace, which is an ideal place to taste our special Strachanovica - a distillate made from real Tatra blueberries.

The entire atmosphere of the Medvedí Brloh Strachan (Bear Den Strachan) is created for the most beautiful day of two people in love - a wedding and a wedding feast. Elements of original architecture, perfect service, a magical environment with a unique view of the Belianske Tatras - all these are the ingredients of a fairy tale wedding in Ždiar.

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